Crosman 600 Mac1 Style

600 Operating Tips.
This is the finest semi-auto ever produced short of the $1000 plus German/Swiss/Austrian five shots. It should definitely be checked out before any usage to make sure it is lubed correctly. This gun can misfire on occasion and this indicates the feed mechanism is not properly adjusted or lubed. If it eats unavailable parts due to lack of proper set-up or lubrication this gun can become unrepairable due to the scarcity of parts for these old models.

  • Don't force anything. Be gentle
  • Always return the cocking slide to the forward position prior to firing pistol.
  • Gun must be cocked prior to charging with gas.
  • Piercing cap on the majority of the models must be unscrewed 1/4 turn after tightening to pierce CO2. This lets the gas out. Some models have a push button to pierce the CO2 and others have a nose first CO2 installation and pierce when the Cap is tightened fully. These models have a cap that shows the butt end of the CO2 cartridge.
  • You should always leave it charged. But not cocked or loaded.
  • Never let the pellet follower slam the back of the lead. Lower gently so it doesn’t change the length of the pellets.
  • Store gun un-cocked and charged. To un-cock hold the cocking slide to the rear with left thumb and pull trigger with right finger and let slide forward gently.
  • Always assume a semi-auto is loaded. A pellet can hide in the loader with the follower fully forward. A pellet can also fall out of loader into the barrel and be in there.
  • Try to avoid running out of gas mid magazine. Notice the audio report diminishing. Don't push it. Usually three full loads of the magazine are all you'll get. You can get more shots from any CO2 gun by simply letting it warm up after piercing cartridge to let pressure build with temp. If you let it warm before firing the shot count, power and consistency will all be better.
  • When you get low on your last CO2 don't fire it out. Just put it away un-cocked with the residual gas and go buy some more CO2.
  • Don't fire the hammer against an empty valve. This is important to keep the valve free of debris. With pressure in the gun any debris in the system can get blown out rather than fall into and contaminate the valve.
  • If a pellet gets hung in the loader you can cock the gun, pull back the magazine follower and you should be able to push the damaged pellet out of the loader back into the magazine with a sharp tool or pick. If the gun won't cock seek pro help.
  • These guns tend to be problematic because they demand to be used in an exact fashion or they will produce grief. The tips above should do the trick. If not have someone who knows the gun look it over.
  • Never use pointed or hollow point ammo. Flats are best and Domes can work often as well. RWS Meisters, Crosman Wadcutters and H&N(Beeman) match are the go to lead.
  • Experiment with a variety of average length domes and flats to find the pellet your gun likes. The majority of the guns shoot below 400 but a few shoot harder. Most of the modified guns we do shoot better than 400 fps and the 12" long custom barrel versions often hit 500.

Crosman 600 Modifications
Stockers usually do about 350-375 and the Hot Valve alone brings it to 400-425. The addition of a 12" barrel will give another 100 fps. Longer would give more by about 10-15 fps per inch. You can always go back to stock because the mods we do don't change the gun. The exception would be dedicated bulk. That does drill the frame on the butt forward CO2 model but the gun will still use 12 grams. Some guns aren't really worthy of doing mods because they are really tired. 600 frames can get worn and the performance can suffer due to major loader slop. People make a mistake when they start with a beater 600 and try to modify it. It won't perform good cause they have been thrashed. If you want a really good modified one you want start with a fresh action with minimal loader slop or it is not worth the effort.

  • A 7/16”X12" standard Crosman barrel machined to slip into the 600 is available. You will be amazed at the results in a good gun with a Mac1 Hot Valve. There is a fairly comprehensive list of stuff we do. Scope Rails, Gen II brakes, paint jobs, Hot valves, bulk systems (remote and dedicated).
  • Extended Bulk is normally a 5” Extension so we can still put brake on the barrel of a 12”
  • The most popular length for the barrel is 12 inch. We can also offer 10” and 14” for the same price. Barrels are made by Crosman. The Hot valve won't support a barrel longer than 18” (small premium)