About Mac1

2012 was the 80th anniversary of Mac1/McMurray & Son and the 30th year for me as the owner. We stock and manufacture only products that perform or are altered before sale to our high standards. It is very important that the products we sell and service perform better for the price than competing brands. Mac1 products excelling in the competition scene is our top priority. We also offer services that you will be unable to duplicate anywhere else on the e-planet. We carry things you might not know about. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of serious Competitors, Airgunuts & Collectors!

I feel the best way to understand the possibilities with customizing is to get an education about what is on offer so the selection process can be understood fully. This site will help you understand what it is we do to make your Airguns better and what you can do to get the most from the products we build and represent. An Owners Manual for Mac1 Gear.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, the Mac1 shop is an Easy visit from Downtown, West LA or LAX/South Bay Beach Area. It is a great place for the Airgunuts in California to get their Airgun fix. We have a chronograph and a lit target to test your gun and our performance. Our inventory of air guns is hanging on the wall and you can take your time checking them out. If you want to click and buy go to;   http://www.mac1airgunshop.com/

I’m a third generation Airgunsmith that loves to shoot and has a deep passion for accuracy. I’ve been shooting competitive airguns for three decades in Field Target, Silhouette & more recently Bench Rest Airgun. My Highest achievement is a Gold Medal in the BR Worlds in 2011 for my participation on the USA Team A. I was one of the three Top USA qualifiers and our aggregate score earned us Gold for Heavy Varmint (20 FPE) class teams. I also had High Card of the HV event with a 248/250 and got Bronze for my personal effort in HV class. I was shooting the US FT in HPA regulated fashion with the .22 caliber 2 groove barrel made by Benchmark. The World Champion also used the 2 groove .22 Benchmark.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!