Air Force Airguns

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Spin Lock Tank

The Spin Lock Tank Option Substitutes the original break down to fill concept of the gun in favor of a Charge and Gauge feature of the Spin Lock design that has the Fill Nipple on the Tank so the gun can be charged without removing the Tank. There is a Foster type fill nipple on the neck of the Tank as well as a Gauge to show the tanks available pressure. As long as the actions are recent the spin lock system is an option for any of the available models as is the High Flow Tank Feature hich can also be fitted to any of the models.

Talon Pistol

The tiny tank of the Talon Pistol with its High Flow Valve is a Tank that could also power any of the models as long as the Hammer weight is fitted between the Hammer and hammer spring. Basically a Talon Pistol is a Talon 18” rifle Case with the SS barrel in it and a High flow tiny tank attached to keep it as small as possible. In .25 cal this thing will go 50FPE easy. It is really loud.

High Scope

The drawbacks that a customer should consider is the ergonomics are compromised by the layout. It forces a very high scope and high mounts are required for all and the Tri-Rail step up adapter will be required if medium mounts are employed. Trigger is pretty good Butt pad is pretty basic. Adding a Morgan to the Butt is a pretty common upgrade. This is the only American made adult Airgun besides the RAW guns and Mac1 offerings. In my Mind John McCasilin of Air Force is a very clever guy who has made a good market in affordable American made gear and considering the following it has developed it is a very successful product line-up.

The valve design has decent consistency in High Output trim but IMO it is capable of much better accuracy when the power is backed down from maximum output. It is a pretty simple design using the tank valve as the exhaust valve and Inlet both like the Giffard CO2 gun did. Nothing new but it is simple, reliable and works great.  When I first looked at the gun I thought it was a mock up that couldn’t work. I’m glad to say it was a lack of understanding of Johns Striker layout and how he was using the breech sleeve to transfer the strikers’ energy to the valves Top Hat. Very clever and very simple which means few parts do more.

The primary customer for this gun was originally the 12 ft. lb. UK consumer. It must get a gob of shots at that power level. We have taken the all corks pulled model and tamed it