Air Force Airguns

The Air Force product line is a really versatile platform that allows nearly complete interchangeability between barrels, tanks, Fill arrangements and calibers. Once you have any of the guns you essentially can build that into any other barrel length caliober or Tank regardless of the action used as a Starting point. The Talon SS and Condor use the same basic Case length. The Pistol and the Talon 18” share the same case with one having an 18” and the other a 12” barrel. The platform is basically three barrel lengths, three case lengths and four calibers. That is 36 Combinations without the choices between high and Standard flow tanks. Then there is the Spin Lock Vs. Screw on Tanks. So basically over 125 Combinations would be useful for one use or another. That is versatility squared. A very Clever modular Platform that has gained customer loyalty as they have increased the options available. They have benefited greatly from the improvements we have seen to the quality of Lothar Walther barrels. They have always used LW’s and now LW’s are better than ever and the Manufacturing of the barrels is now stateside to cope with the demand from Stateside Airgun Manufactures like AirForce, RAW and Mac1. LW uses the same machines and tooling in Germany and Georgia USA. American made LW’s. I like that.

The performance of the Talon 18” straight from the box is 25 -30 ft. lb. and 20-25 ft' lb. in short barrel Talon SS configuration. You'll get about 30-40 shots in these models when going for a relatively efficient set-up. We usually set them up to get 40 shots when charged to around 2500PSI. The best method to get efficiency is to reduce the hammer spring adjustment enough to bring the fill maximum much lower & shorten up the valve duration. Conservative Striker tension settings is where these guns seem to work best.

The new Condor 24” long barrel from AirForce has an enormous valve coupled with a large hammer weight as delivered. After attempting to tune the guns we discovered a gun that was at the mercy of the available pressure. At highest pressures it can't shoot hardest as the hammer momentum will not fully open the valve and at 2000-2500 PSI it cannot be turned down. The manufacturers attempt to match the raw performance of the Korean rivals has left it with a fairly oversprung arrangement. Our solution is to supply 24” barreled guns without the hammer weight and fitted with standard Talon tanks so the long barreled guns can perform to the best of their capabilities without the emphasis on blunt force trauma power levels. Over 100 long re-barreled Talon SS guns had been produced by Mac1 prior to the arrival of the Condor and I’m convinced the more discriminating consumers prefer a gun with great accuracy rather than power noise that isn't controllable. We can supply Condors either way but if you want to bank on our experience you will buy the Condor with the Standard Talon Tank rather than the High Flow. We remove the Hammer weight and set the Gun for accuracy and shot count rather than power at the expense of accuracy and shot count. The manufacturer knows people shop on outright output or Velocity so you can’t blame them for playing to the crowd that demands speed. It is not my customer but it is the majority of the consumers so the manufacturer has got it right for Sales. I think I have it right to take full advantage of the LW’s that are so good.

Special feature of this gun is its take down design and ease of barrel changing. It is light, tiny, black and you can mount stuff everywhere on the dovetails. The extrusion it is made from has dovetails on the carry handle, the receiver top, and the receiver bottom. This is an accessory lovers dream come true.

                                                                  Spin Lock Tank

The Spin Lock Tank Option Substitutes the original break down to fill concept of the gun in favor of a Charge and Gauge feature of the Spin Lock design that has the Fill Nipple on the Tank so the gun can be charged without removing the Tank. There is a Foster type fill nipple on the neck of the Tank as well as a Gauge to show the tanks available pressure. As long as the actions are recent the spin lock system is an option for any of the available models as is the High Flow Tank Feature hich can also be fitted to any of the models.

Talon Pistol

The tiny tank of the Talon Pistol with its High Flow Valve is a Tank that could also power any of the models as long as the Hammer weight is fitted between the Hammer and hammer spring. Basically a Talon Pistol is a Talon 18” rifle Case with the SS barrel in it and a High flow tiny tank attached to keep it as small as possible. In .25 cal this thing will go 50FPE easy. It is really loud.

High Scope

The drawbacks that a customer should consider is the ergonomics are compromised by the layout. It forces a very high scope and high mounts are required for all and the Tri-Rail step up adapter will be required if medium mounts are employed. Trigger is pretty good Butt pad is pretty basic. Adding a Morgan to the Butt is a pretty common upgrade. This is the only American made adult Airgun besides the RAW guns and Mac1 offerings. In my Mind John McCasilin of Air Force is a very clever guy who has made a good market in affordable American made gear and considering the following it has developed it is a very successful product line-up.

The valve design has decent consistency in High Output trim but IMO it is capable of much better accuracy when the power is backed down from maximum output. It is a pretty simple design using the tank valve as the exhaust valve and Inlet both like the Giffard CO2 gun did. Nothing new but it is simple, reliable and works great. When I first looked at the gun I thought it was a mock up that couldn’t work. I’m glad to say it was a lack of understanding of Johns Striker layout and how he was using the breech sleeve to transfer the strikers’ energy to the valves Top Hat. Very clever and very simple which means few parts do more.

The primary customer for this gun was originally the 12 ft. lb. UK consumer. It must get a gob of shots at that power level. We have taken the all corks pulled model and tamed it back to a reasonable performance level so it has lots of power but is not unnecessarily wasteful & loud. The best compromise for maximum useable power and shots. It is a cinch to take apart and try different barrels and hammer setups. It is easy to tune and simple to make barrels for. Many customers have multiple barrel and spring/hammer weight set-ups for different applications. Whenever you have a modular platform the end user gets involved and the Number of Features and combinations go Viral when you consider the accessorizing capability of the gun with scope rails top, bottom and everywhere.

The gun is a featherweight. The guns size and pack ability is what separates it from the rest. The ease of mounting hardware like lamps, bipods, lasers, scopes, etc. is unmatched. Pointing out a car window to lamp and take bunnies works quite well. The only guns offering such a compact package are pricey one off Bull pups. The USDA is the body that does the Bird Depredation at International USA airports and the Talon SS is their gun of choice. They use it from the Truck Cab with Baracuda Match .22 cal pellets.

It has a niche that is not likely to go away. It has that blacked out paramilitary look some can't resist. The size it can break down to makes it the most power in the tiniest package. It costs enough less than the competition to make it a viable alternative but of course it is a single shot in a sea of repeaters.

Charging adapters to fill the tank are available in a variety of configurations. The most practical is the Adapter with Foster male on one side and the Tank receptacle on the other. This is the leading choise for Screw together guns as it will dovetail into a Universal Yoke arrangement. Then Spin Lock Tanks have the fill nuipple on the Tank Valve so they only need a Universal Yoke of any type that terminates in a Foster Female QC. If you own another PCP we can usually adapt the Foster Female to the charging adapter of that Yoke and the Male Foster to the guns charging probe so you don't have to buy an extra charging system.

High BC and High Energy Downrange

Like most high power pneumatics this gun loves heavy ammo and will be most powerful using the heaviest stuff around. It has the tendency to shoot the Heaviest Ammo at the Highest Power. Heaviest Ammo generally has a Better BC than light ammo so you are making the most energy as well as retaining it more effectively when you choose heavy. Accuracy is good to great depending on the Tuning parameters. Safety is Automatic and now manually resettable. This gun is manufactured in Texas. As the dollar gets weaker it will help sell more of these all over the world as the weak dollar will put everything denominated in USA $ on sale to the world.

High Scope Means Droopers


When you have a scope 3” above the boreline the need for rings cut with droop compensation is real. Typically 40-50 minutes would be the correct amount of droop to get the guns on target with a scope in the midrange of its adjustments. Many Scopes have rather limited vertical travel and will run out of Elevation range before they are on Target. When you need 15 Minutes of adjust to get from the Apogee Zero back to 10 yard range you are going to want the 15 Minutes you need to fall relatively close to the middle of the overall elevation adjust the scope has. We want to be able to use the scopes range of adjust to reach out farther not use it all up just getting on target. Gravity Sucks and High scopes aggravate the misalignment between where it looks and where it hits. Droopers are the solution so you can be within a few clicks of the scopes centered view.