Bulk CO2 Mac1 Style

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Hangy Tank 4oz mini
The following Crosman models need slight or no mods at all. SA6, 36, 44, 1861, 45, 73, 99, and 500. The use of a Fake CO2/Tank Top and 4oz with or without on off valve will allow all these models to operate independent of 12 grams and have the 4oz tank hanging from where the 12 gram cartridge normally goes. The shot count for each ounce of CO2 is approximately 100 shots.

Czech CO2 Guns
No modifications are required to fit the following models with the Mac-1 Hangy Tank Adapter. Tau 7, Aeron B96, Drulov, Chameleon, Tau 200, etc. We take one of your Piercing caps and make it into a Hangy Tank adapter so you can hang the 4 oz mini Tank from the bottom of the Pistol grip or the front of the Tau 200 tube. The adapter has a check valve so the gun will stay charged when the tank is removed. It is not recommended that these guns be stored charged unless the o-rings in the gun have been upgraded. The balance for off hand work is really great.  Any Gun set up to take a Painball tank will also accept a HPA regulated Air Tank into the same ASA receptacle. This means if it takes a 4oz it can also take a 13 CI 800 psi HPA regulated Tank as well as a Coily Remote. This can be a poor mans Bottle gun with incredible consistency when fitted to good guns with good barrels.

Bulk CO2 extended tube style
Extended bulk can be done to the following models: QB 77, 78, 22, 2079, TF79, Crosman 150, 157, 160, 167, 180, 187, 400, 600, 622/Mac-1 style, 677, and 1100. Mac1 bulk adapter can be fitted directly to any Crosman or QB Tube except the bottle fitted QB guns. The Mac1 extension tubes will fit all the above guns as well and the retaining collar for the end of the tube is different because of the dual threads. Extension tubes are available in 5, 8 or 11”. Our tubes have fine QB threads on one end and coarse Crosman threads on the other so they can be fitted to a wider selection of guns. These are not meant for pressures exceeding normal CO2 working pressures.