Bulk CO2 Mac1 Style

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4 oz. Bulk CO2 Tank Hanging from Grip Frame

  • No modifications are required to fit the following models with the Mac-1 LD bulk fill adapter: Crosman Mark I, II, S&W 78, 79, Daisy 780, 790 and 41. Bulk adapter will fit any of the above models and works best with 4oz tanks. Can also be fitted with HPA Regulated Air Tanks.

Installing Extension tubes

  • Mac-1’s bulk CO2 extensions are made with a QB fine thread on one end and a Crosman coarse thread on the other. If fitting to a QB you should have a fine thread coupling collar and a coarse thread bulk adapter retaining collar. Vice Versa for a Crosman. The alloy sealing adapter with two o-rings on it goes in the end of the tube that will join the factory tube. Recent changes to the QB have the vent hole half way up the threads and a specific sealing adapter must be fitted to those new models designated QB’13.
  • When fitting extensions to any guns with a barrel support loosen the stock and pull the barrel support off the guns tube and slide it off the end of the barrel. Then screw the extension onto the factory tube and snug it. Check factory tube to extension alignment and adjust alignment before final tightening. Slip the barrel strap over the tube and barrel and retighten. Install bulk adapter. Make sure you open bolt before you charge gun. Check for leaks and if all’s fine charge gun fully as per instructions.

Fill Adapters Galore

  • Transfer adapters to fill small painball type CO2 tanks from master tank.
  • Tank-Tops to adapt painball tank to fill Crosman/QB, directly to the Bulk adapter inlet.
  • Adapter to fill Crosman 10oz or Pilipino style bulk tanks from master tank.
  • CO2 Quick Fill to fill Guns using the Foster Male QC inlet
  • Double male to hook two female Foster Quick Connects together
  • Dead Head to check the pressure of tanks by opening the tanks valve to a plugged yoke.
  • Euro CO2 thread adapters so the adapter to Tank threads are not a huge mismatch.
  • Standard K valve Yokes available with Glycol filled gauge upgrades.
  • SCBA fill Yokes rated to be able to fill the SCBA tank thru the Yoke.
  • 4500 and 3000 psi fill extensions with male and female QC on hose ends
  • Coily Remotes with or without slide checks for remote tank use