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HPA Components

Charging Yokes

3000 PSI charging yokes are made to fit standard scuba tanks. These valves are called K-Valves. Airguns share a common air yoke when they use Foster 5type fill inlet. The air yoke has a Female Foster Quick Connect on the end of a Braided Stainless line. The yoke has a bleeder and small (1”) output gauge. The output gauge can be upgraded to a 2” Stainless Steel Liquid filled gauge.
4500 PSI Valves can be Din or SCBA. The yokes we sell are SCBA which are a Firefighter, Hazmat and EMT standard. DIN is SCUBA Standard. Both can work well. The High Pressure Yokes are 5K Rated and they can be used to fill the Tank thru the Yoke. You just need to get a Double male to accomplish the connection.

Universal Fittings

We fit male Foster type Quick Connects to your various guns specific adapters so you can fill all your PCP’s with the same air yoke. Gone are the days where you need six complete filling adapters for six PCP's. Males fitted to various charging probes and the larger Faster Quick Connect can usually be accomplished for a nominal fee per adapter or probe. We have premade fittings that female BSP 1/8” threads with seal and other side is Female 1/8” NPT for the Foster male to screw into so we can switch the British probes, banjos and QC’s over to the Foster Standard using these items. We have fittings with male BSP 1/8” on one end and male NPT 1/8” on the other. Used to put Foster Females on BSP 1/8” Hose ends. This means we can connect British straight pipe to Tapered NPT safety and it will seal. Brit stuff to American & Vice Versa.

To Pump or Not

If you want to pump your gun to its max after topping up the gun with what you have left in your air tank. It is easy if you have the right set-up. Pump hoses nowadays invariably terminate in a Foster Female QC. If they don’t you switch them so they do. It has become the industry wide standard in both the Painball and Airgun industries which share a lot of gear. When you pump you can use a real short line to maximize pump effectiveness or a longer low volume microline which will accomplish the same(less pumps to a given pressure). The gun starts seeing added pressure with far fewer strokes when the line volume between pump and gun is minimized. The hot tip is to have the Female Quick Connects on the hose ends of the pump as well as the yoke so you can change charging adapters and fill different guns without tools. Most Take the Foster Female directly but if they don’t make sure the Probe/Banjo/QC is modified to have a Male Foster on its inlet side.

Double Males

The Double Male Fitting has allowed the transfer of air from one yoke to another or tank to tank. It also facilitates filling your tank through your yoke (providing it is appropriately rated) at places that have only the Foster Female on their Hose end to connect things to.

SCBA Bottles

Scott Air Paks are a real common charge bottle for PCP airguns and we fabricate yokes specifically for these high pressure 300 bar tanks. The tanks are Carbon Fiber so they are extremely light and durable as well. These yokes are Gold anodized aluminum with bleeder, liquid filled 2.5” Stainless Steel output gauge, Ralston 6900 PSI microbore and high pressure Foster 12FSS Stainless Steel quick connect. The Valves on SCBA High Pressure 300 Bar Tanks are a CGA 347 and on lower pressure 3K tanks or below it is CGA 346. The SCBA Yoke we make will fit on the High Pressure Tank and it will also fit on the Lower Pressure 3K Tanks. We get from time to time Buddy Bottles that are 3K rated and 346 valve and they are 17 Cu Foot volume. They have a fill nipple on them so you can charge them from the master tank and then switch the yoke to the small tank to fill the gun and take it with you for the day. When we get them the buddy bottles are real cheap so it is a nice addition to the set-up when you already have a 4500 SCBA Vessel.

Scott Air Paks can also be fitted with a CGA 347 to K-Valve adapter adapter which is hand tighten to seal and lets you use your K-valve type 3000 PSI yoke on the Scott bottle. This would only be appropriate for charging guns from the Scott bottle that charge to 200 Bar (3000 PSI) as the limit on pressure will be due to the K-valve yoke rating.

You can fit a Din 300 tank with a Din to K-valve adapter so that you can use the conventional K-valve yoke on the Din 300 or 200 tanks. They are 3K Rated & have the same upper limit of 200 bar because of the limits imposed by the K-valve yoke. This means you don’t transfer thru that set-up above 3K or fill the tank through the yoke.

We can supply male Quick Connects so you can transfer air from one tank to another as long as you have yokes with female QC's for each tank. Double males or extension lines are available to accomplish tank transfers, tethering and cascading.

We often upgrade customers’ yokes made originally specific to fill one gun so they can be turned into universal yokes. We can quote charges when received and we try our best to make the fittings go out the door the same day they arrive. Typically a conversion of this type will allow you to sell your spare Yokes and consolidate your charging arrangements.

Component Fabrication

We fabricate a wide selection of adapters & components so the industry and can find a solution for about any high pressure application. If you have building Airguns or Modifying them in your future we can supply you with many parts so you have reliable, proven operating components and can concentrate your efforts in other areas. We manufacture the US FT Hunter and LD Pistol and have seen a lot of our technology used on other makers guns. You’ll see Mac1 knee rests & thigh rests mounted to Steyrs, FWB’s and Anschutz rifles all over the world. You’ll see LD inspired Hangy Tanks on Tau/Brno/Aeron Gear.

Custom Is Limited Only By Our Imagination

I have been inspired by customers desires so many times I know it is a constant source of good technology and innovation. I know I don’t know it all but none of us do and we all get humbled regularly by fresh looks from people who don’t seem as smart as they really are or maybe are momentarily inspired. For that reason everything I do is a work in progress and I’m always willing to get ideas from the needs of my customers so I can make what I make better and more useful. If you have specific needs we can usually find a way to help you out.