Safe Gun Handling 101


If you want your children to be safe in a world with guns, they must learn gun safety.

 There is a fact of life that even gun haters need to face, if kids don't know what constitutes safe gun handling or cannot recognize a perilous situation, they could be in danger. If they learn gun handling from their friends, or a relative, chances are they are not skilled enough. Even if they never shoot, they must learn what to watch out for and when to leave if they ever find themselves in an unsafe situation. Get involved in a program near you and if you're in the Southern California area, come down to the CASA Youth/Newbie Safe Gun Handling Program.

The CASA "Safe Gun Handling" Program is run every first Sunday of the month at the Angeles Shooting Ranges (http://www.angelesranges.com/) LASC Venue. We start the program at 9 AM and we shoot until about noon. I encourage all folks with kids between the ages of 8 and 108 to participate in this program to insure that your kids are gun smart. Knowing that they will never have a disaster in their life, and may even prevent one, is a feeling money can't buy. Boys & girls will benefit as they will become "Mini-Ranger Masters", which will not only enhance their self-esteem, but their shooting enjoyment also. It is golden to understand what constitutes safe gun handling as you will also immediately recognize an unsafe situation. Education is the only way you can understand how to be no risk to others or yourself.

The kids are encouraged to participate fully and by the end of the session, they will have the confidence they need to practice gun safety, recognize unsafe situations and explain what to expect of others. We need at least 1 adult for every three kids. The program first timer cost is $5 per shooter; the best investment you could ever make in their safety and your own piece of mind.

All equipment is provided but you may bring your own pellet firing airguns to shoot(NO BB’S). Any groups larger than six should call ahead to me, Tim McMurray at Mac1 (310-327-3581 I-Phone) to insure we are ready for you. Scout troops and other youth groups will find this activity not only safe, but fun! New shooters become excited when they hit the targets and experienced shooters will be able to make new friends and hone their skills. This program was originally funded by a grant from the NRA. Volunteer Range masters insure that all the funds received go for promotion, rather than administrative costs. For $5, your kids will have this priceless opportunity to learn to shoot safely. If you are a parent, or an adult responsible for a youth's guidance, this is your chance to do something beneficial for them that they will never forget.

Youth Group Leaders are encouraged to have “Understanding Gun Safety” Lectures done at their meetings by Me and subsequent practical sessions for the group. CASA has NRA Insurance to cover all events.

Tim McMurray
CASA Youth Programs Director/Silhouette Rangemaster