US FT & Hunter

Standard Features

24" LW Barrel or Carbine 20” in Choked Lothar Walther 16MM OD .177, .20 or .22 Adjustable Kneerest is standard on US FT and can be fitted to Hunter for Open Class
Adjustable Thigh Rest w/ Walnut Knob or Gimbaled Flat. Option for Hunter
2” Dogbone Offset Rear Extension Stub for Butt Plate & Hook
Walnut Forearm w/Anschutz accessory rail & Walnut cheek piece.

US FT is canted & Hunter is upright. You could have both barrel mounts and do either.
Uses Hogue Colt 1911A wraparound rubber. Has thumbrest, palm shelf and palm spacer.                          3000 PSI gauge on receiver monitors tube or regulator output pressure ready to fire
3000 PSI Burst disc on Tube Models & 1800 PSI Burst disc on Regulated HPA models.    

US FT Anodized Colors: Reciever, barrel mount, tube plug, base & butt plate are colored Red, Blue, Black, Clear, Green, Orange or Brown. Hunters are Red, Blue, Black or Clear.
The rest of the aluminum parts are black except for the tubes which can be clear or black. We can also make red/blue/clear in both US FT & Hunter. Wave the flag! Made in USA.

Left Handed US FT or Hunters are no extra Charge. There is a one hour labor charge to convert a Right handed US FT to Left Handed Configuration. The latest refinement is a port restrictor in the Transfer Port. The barrel Mount is slit to allow for easy Indexing, Barrel/Caliber Swap plus a more serviceable Barrel fixing arrangement. The two right action fasteners can be loosened to allow the barrel to be turned in the barrel mount or swapped out in a few minutes. Transfer Ports are all fitted with an o-ring now so barrels do not need o-ring grooves and it is easy to test raw 16MM barrel blanks that only have the leade work and crown down. Caliber changes are no nonsense. Hammers now have threaded holes so weights can be added to make more duration and power. With the port restrictor, hammer weight and hammer spring adjust it is pretty easy to get these things adjusted for different power levels with just wrenches.

Under the cheek piece, adjusted by the same wrench size that fits the cheek piece bolt you can adjust the Striker Spring to allow you to fine tune the striker force. I like to run that about 4 turns in from the back of the block and then I go to my Port restrictor to dial out the wasted air. Run that in or back it out till you get the speed you want.


Luepold QRW Mounts are Best. 1” or 30MM High Rings. Picitinny has 25 MOA Droop
Gen II 3 Baffle brakes make it neighborhood friendly as long as it is in the 20 fpe range.

.22 Cal 2 groove
Stainless Steel Benchmark Taper lap are available in .630”, .70” or .75” OD.             .25 Cal 3 groove Stainless Steel Benchmark Taper lap barrels are .75” OD

HPA Regulated Tanks are available in 13CI or 22CI and in 1000, 1200 and 1400 PSI Output

HPA Regulated 12 FPE WFTF or Light Varmint 12 FPE rifles are available in 22” LW .177 caliber only. Can be built in Hunter upright or US FT canted. Not available unregulated.

Benchrest Kits for putting the rifle in a Proper Bench rest along with rear bag bars are available

Barrel Tuners are available for 16MM barrels that can fine tune the accuracy of guns.

T-Brakes are available to strip the air off the pellet to improve accuracy

Thanks for considering Mac1 Products.

Watch thuis space. I plan on adding tuning tips to the web site and eventually evolving this section into;

US FT Owners Manual


Hammer weight determines valve duration. .5oz / 12 FPE, .6oz / 20 FPE, .7oz / 25 FPE & .75 / 30 FPE

Default Valve Head size is .285”/12 FPE, .280”/20 FPE, .275”/25 FPE, .270”/30 FPE

O-ring for .177 cal barrels with oring in the barrel is #009. .20 and .22 barrels w/o-ring bbl use #010

Transfer Ports use #010 o-ring to seal barrel. All Current guns are being made with Transfer Port O-ring.

Transfer Port Restrictor uses 10/32 grub screw to restrict TP flow.

Valve uses 2X #016 and #112

Inlet Uses #011 and #005


More to come! TimmyMac1